Online SAT Critical Reading and Writing Tutoring/Coaching

Most SAT test prep courses are far more helpful when it comes to helping students raise their math section scores and have far less to offer students seeking to raise their scores on the writing or the critical reading sections of the exam. This is because shortcuts and test-taking strategies can only take you so far: developing students’ critical reading and writing skills requires a higher level of expertise and more personalized instruction and feedback than most test prep courses and instructors can provide. We have greatly helped students increase their SAT writing and critical reading scores as much as 200 points per section. Please view here: Notable Achievements of Our Students


How one-on-one individualized tutoring with us works:

  • Before the first tutoring session, the student will be required to take and submit a timed SAT test for diagnostic purposes (e.g., the three critical reading sections or the essay and two multiple choice writing sections of one SAT exam). Based on the student’s strengths and weaknesses and the number of scheduled meetings, we will develop a tutoring plan outlining the focus of and homework due for each session.
  • Tutoring sessions are conducted live, online through the use of a third-party webconferencing site (Google Hangouts) that allows students to see and speak directly with out tutor. While a webcamera is not required, students must have a computer with an internal microphone or us microphone and a pair of earbuds/earphones.

Our one-on-one individualized tutoring/coaching model is very unique. We ask that our student complete all the required problems at home, and then email his/her work to us before the class. We will carefully review and check the students’ work. Based on his/her work, we can detect what the student’s specific weaknesses are and use those problems in class to teach the student all the tricks, shortcuts, strategies, and tactics for taking the test. The entire two hours are used for instructional teaching only. We firmly believe that learning is extremely important, and that a student should not waste time doing problems with our supervision if he/she can do those problems at home. So our 2-hour session is equivalent to a regular 4-hour session.

Each tutoring package includes:

  • A detailed feedback report on the diagnostic test.
  • Review of and comments on homework exercises, including feedback reports on practice essays (for those students focusing on essay writing).

Featured SAT Instructors

All of our sessions are taught by highly qualified instructors who are excellent experts on preparing students for the exam. We distinguish ourselves by the high quality of our instructors. Finding top-quality instructors is no easy task. We’ve hand-picked some of the best, including graduates of Ivy League institutions. Meet some of them here:

Registration and PAYMENT

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1 Hour (including 2 real SAT packets extracted from the College Board; only reading and writing sections)


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5-Hour Package (including 12 real SAT packets extracted from the College Board; only reading and writing sections)


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10-Hour Package (including 30 real SAT packets extracted from the College Board; only reading and writing sections)


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  2. cheng-chih hsieh

    is this class based on the new PSAT/SAT? thank you.


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