Online Courses

Our online coaching and courses offer a quick, efficient way for students to interact with teachers over long distance. We use Google Meet to video chat and easily connect with students to teach them our tricks and shortcuts to getting an amazing score on their contests, as well as offer them our guidance and support. Students can ask questions face-to-face, and can complete problems with the supervision of our teachers/coaches. Click HERE to see detailed instruction.

Tutorial Handout Samples

AMC 8/MathCounts Prep Course

Class Handout Sample

AMC 10 Prep (Beginner Level) Course

Class Handout Sample

AMC 10/12 Prep Course

Class Handout Sample

AIME Prep Course

Class Handout Sample

All these courses are live, not pre-recorded. Instructors will ask students questions, and students can also ask questions during the classes or email their questions to instructors after classes.

We record all of our lessons as a big bonus so that our students can watch class videos after classes for review and self-study.

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