Online SAT Math 800 Tutoring and Coaching

Are you scoring in the 550-750 range on the SAT math section? Do you want to raise that score as high as possible — to a perfect 800?

Getting to an 800 SAT math score is not easy. It requires perfection, especially meticulous and careful calculating. But with hard work and our help, you will be able to do it. Most of our students scored 800 on the math section, and we know what it takes to get there.


There is no room for error. Even one wrong answer or omitted question can drop you down to a 770 or worse. If you’re going for that 800, you must try every question and you must be reasonably certain that you got every question right.
Most people err in two ways:

  •  making mistakes (or getting tricked) on easy questions, and
  • not knowing how to approach the harder problems.

On the SAT, the difficulty level of each math problem is ranked 1 through 5, with 5 being the hardest. There are usually around 15 to 18 problems with difficulty level 4-5 on the entire test, and getting these questions right closes the gap between a 700 and a perfect score.

The best way to optimize your chances of a perfect score is to is to practice more and more difficult problems collected from the past real SAT exams. We have extracted a total of 1152 SAT math problems of difficulty level 4-5 from 72 full-length real SATs as described in our article: 72 Full-length Real SATs are a Golden Resource to Our SAT Prep Program, and have included these problems with their answers in a bundle entitled “Hard Real SAT Math Problems.” Click here to purchase it in our Bookstore. Working on these problems is perfect for advanced students to maximize their scores by zeroing in on the difficult problems on the SAT math section, and raise their scores to a 800.

Our philosophy is extremely different from most experts in that we concentrate on test specific strategy designed to save time, avoid carelessness, solve problems with difficulty level 4-5, and exploit the weaknesses of standardized tests, as opposed to spending valuable time on the conventional teaching of mathematics.

We will help you work on all real SAT math problems of difficulty level 4-5. This is the key to help you get a perfect score of 800 on the SAT math section. We will also help you develop quick problem solving strategies and effective time management skills. The timing of the SAT test is limited. In total, you will have 70 minutes to knock down 54 math problems – that leaves you with 1 minute and 17.7 seconds per math question on average (keep in mind that some questions will take less time and others will take more time). We will train you to be able to solve each math problem within one minute, even each hard problem.

SAT Prep Customization is the Key! We solve this problem with automatically customized online prep. Here’s how it works:

First, we assign you a diagnostic to figure out your exact level in over forty different SAT skills. Next, we create a week-by-week study plan customized specifically for you. By adapting content to your skill level, you always get questions and lessons that are the right level of challenging. Every part is designed to get you the biggest score improvement possible.

Our SAT prep classes/tutoring/coaching have been extremely effective in raising students’ math scores on the SAT, usually well over 150 points, and many of our students have received perfect scores. Read more: Notable Achievements of Our Students

Featured SAT Instructors

All of our sessions are taught by highly qualified instructors who are excellent experts on preparing students for the exam. We distinguish ourselves by the high quality of our instructors. Finding top-quality instructors is no easy task. We’ve hand-picked some of the best, including graduates of Ivy League institutions. Meet some of them here:

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