Cutoff scores for AIME qualification in 2016

The following are cutoff scores for AIME qualification in 2016:

2016 AMC 10A

  • Average score: 64.73
  • AIME floor: 110

2016 AMC 12A

  • Average score: 59.06
  • AIME floor: 92

2016 AMC 10B

  • Average score: 67.79
  • AIME floor: 110

2016 AMC 12B

  • Average score: 70.90
  • AIME floor: 100

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Cutoff scores from 2009 to 2015 can be found at: AMC 10/12 Historical Results

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Our Uniqueness

We have a long history of close collaboration with the MAA‘s American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), which are dedicated to strengthening the mathematical capabilities of our nation’s youth, and are the first of a series of competitions in high school mathematics that determine the United States team for the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). There are many math competitions in the United States. Of those, only AMC → AIME → USAMO sequence would take you to the IMO (International Math Olympiad), the highest level math competition for high school students in the world. We are only one in the Washington DC metropolitan area to offer elementary, middle, and high-school level competition math courses. Our students have received top scores and awards at prestigious national and math competitions. We have collected all AMC8/10/12 and AIME Official Problems and Official Solutions as shown in the article ” American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) Materials,” which have formed our “big data” system, a golden resource for our students, who are the ultimate beneficiaries.





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