Online Intensive AIME Prep Course Starting Jan. 7

This program has been carefully designed for the students with higher expectation for their American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME) scores. While enriching their resume through the school classes, honing the test skill for AIME becomes even more critical.

The AIME is used to determine qualification for the United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO). There are many math competitions in the United States. Of those, only AMC → AIME → USAMO sequence would take you to the IMO (International Math Olympiad), the highest level math competition for high school students in the world.


9 Weekends (Time: 2:00 – 5:00 pm), Total: 27 Hours
1/7, 1/14, 1/21, 1/28 (Monthly Mock Test/Review)
2/4, 2/11, 2/18, 2/25, 3/4 (Final Mock Test/Review)

You are very welcome to sign up for our Online Intensive AMC 10/12 Prep Fall Weekend Course which offers a quick, efficient way for students to interact with teachers over long distance. We use Google Hangouts to video chat and easily connect with students to teach them our tricks and shortcuts to getting an amazing score on their contests, as well as offer them our guidance and support. Students can ask questions face-to-face, and can complete problems with the supervision of our teachers/coaches.

Tuition: $1215 (including all materials). We offer discounts of $40 for returning students.

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commitment to the whole course can maximize the benefit of learning all the math ideas, methods, strategies, tactics, skills, and techniques.

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Purpose: To prepare for the AIME I — Thursday, March 6, 2018 or AIME II — Wednesday, March 21, 2018


  • Improve student scores by working on both fundamental theorems and ideas
  • Develop and foster creative problem solving strategies
  • Make the USA(J)MO!!!

For Whom?
This AIME course is aimed at those students with AMC 10/12 scores of 100+ to students who have scored around 4 on the AIME.


This class will focus mostly on building strong basics in the five main pillars of Combinatorics, Number Theory, Geometry, Algebra, and Probability. The goal is for students to obtain the mental agility required to tackle these complex problems and hopefully get them within and past range of qualification for the USAMO and USAJMO, or around 9 problems.

Focus on basic concepts and essential knowledge before moving on developing the skills and intuition to find and pursue good lines of attack for complex problems.

Class Outline:
In AMIE Prep Class, we will focus on efficient tricks, shortcuts, and strategies to solve AIME problems as well as test-taking tactics.

Class Date Topic
1 1/7, Sun Number Theory: Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, Greatest Common Divisor and Least Common Multiple, Modular Arithmetic, Divisibility Tests
2 1/14, Sun Combinatorics: Partitions and Bijections, Generating Functions, Combinatorial Identities, the Inclusion-Exclusion Principle, the pigeonhole principle
3 1/21, Sun Probability: Properties of Probability Functions, Geometric probability, Algebraic Probability, Tournaments, Socks, and Dice
4 1/28, Sun Algebraic Equations: Distance-Rate-Time Problems, Systems of Nonlinear Equations
5 2/7, Sun Diophantine Equations, Systems of Diophantine Equations, Quadratic Diophantine and Pell Equations, Special Factoring Trick –– Completing the Rectangle
6 2/14, Sun Sequences and Series: Arithmetic Series, Geometric Series and the Telescope Tool, Tiling and the Fibonacci Recurrence, The Catalan Recurrence
7 2/21, Sun Logarithmic and Trigonometric Functions: Putting Logarithmic, Exponential,  and Trigonometric Functions Together
8 2/28, Sun Complex Numbers and Polynomials: The Algebra of Complex Numbers, The Geometry of Complex Numbers, Basic Definitions and Facts about Polynomials, Polynomials with Complex Roots
9 3/4, Sun Geometry: Triangle Geometry, Circle Geometry, Geometrical Concepts in the Complex Plane, Rectangular Boxes, Cylinders, Cones, Spheres, Tetrahedra and Pyramids


  • 9 tutorial handouts (>270 pages) developed by Dr. Henry Wan and 300 new problems at the AIME level from the licensed AMC Database
  • 2 FREE mock tests that are intended to mimic an actual math competition exam, each of which has 15 questions similar to the AIME level taken from the licensed AMC Database. These simulated tests help students assess their level of preparation for the Math Competitions. After attempting the test, students get answers, explanations, and a detailed score report and wise performance summary.

Homework: At least 5 hours per week. Students are expected to complete all of the previous AIME contests in the past 10 years, which is over 60 hours of practice. Our instructors are open to questions on any previous AIMEs.

All problems from all of the previous 53 AIME contests (1983-2017) form our “big data” system. We have used data mining and predictive analytics to examine the types and the frequencies of questions in all these materials, and then completely “decoded” the AIME. We will show all the “secret code” cracked from the above big data to students, and teach them to totally grasp and “control” the AMC. For all questions on the recent AIME contests, we can find their “ancestors” and “roots” from the old AIME problems. Therefore, the best way to prepare for the contest is to practice by solving old AIME problems.

Bronze_medalOur Students

In 2017, we have 61 students who are qualified to take the AIME either through the AMC 10A/12A or AMC 10B/12B. One of our students was among the 28 Perfect Scorers worldwide on the AMC 10A: Austen M., and two of our students were among the 65 Perfect Scorersworldwide on the AMC 10B: Ashwin A. and Brad Z. Remarkably, eight middle schoolers and one elementary schooler qualified for the AIME, which is geared toward high school students. Very impressively, Bryan Z., a 6th grader, gained a score of 132 out of 150 on the AMC 10B.
Read more at: 2017 AIME Qualifiers Announced — 61 Students Qualified for the AIME

In 2016, we have 36 students who are qualified to take AIME either through AMC 10A/12A or AMC 10B/12B. One of our students was among the 23Perfect Scorers worldwide on the AMC 10A: Joel (Junyao) T. Particularly, seven middle schoolers and one elementary schooler qualified for the AIME, which is geared toward high school students. Pravalika P., a 6th grader, got a 115.5 out of 150 on the AMC10B, which is very impressive. Read more at: 2016 AIME Qualifiers Announced — 36 Students Qualified for AIME

From 2011 to 2015, in total, 37 students scored above 120 on the American Mathematics Contest 10 (AMC 10) and qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME); 26 students scored above 100 on the American Mathematics Contest 12 (AMC 12) and qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME); 3 students qualified for the USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO), the highest level of math competition for high school students in the USA. Read more at: Notable Achievements of Our Students


Our Uniqueness

We have a long history of close collaboration with the MAA‘s American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), which are dedicated to strengthening the mathematical capabilities of our nation’s youth, and are the first of a series of competitions in high school mathematics that determine the United States team for the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

We are only one in the Washington DC metropolitan area to offer elementary, middle, and high-school level competition math courses. Our students have received top scores and awards at prestigious national and math competitions. We have collected 116 full-length real AMC 10/12 problems sets containing 2,960 problems, as described in the article “116 Full-length Real AMC Problems Sets are a Golden Resource to Our AMC 10/12 Prep Program.” Particularly, we have extracted additional 3,000 brand new problems at the level of the AMC 10/12, from the licensed AMC Database. In addition, we have also collected all AMC8/10/12 and AIME Official Solutions as shown in the article “American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) Materials.” All these materials have formed a golden resource for our students, who are the ultimate beneficiaries.

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