2018 AMC 10A Problems and Answers

2018 AMC 10AThe 2018 AMC 10A contest was held on Feb 7, 2018. Over 290,000 students from over 4,200 U.S. and international schools attended the contest and found it fun and rewarding. Top 20, well-known U.S. universities and colleges, including internationally recognized U.S. technical institutions, ask for AMC scores on their application forms. Your children deserve the chance to list these scores on their applications!
Now we post the 2018 AMC 10A Problems and Answers. You can click the following to download them:


More details can be found at:


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math is fundamental 928x223.png

AMC 10

AMC Logo


2010 AMC 10A


AMC 10-2017.png


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