2019 AMC 8 Problems and Answers

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The AMC 8 is administered from November 12, 2019 until November 18, 2019. According to the AMC policy, students, teachers, and coaches are not allowed to discuss the contest questions and solutions until after the end of the competition window, as emphasized in 2019 AMC 8 Teacher’s Manual.

We posted the 2019 AMC 8 Problems and Answers at 12 a.m. (EST) midnight on November 19, 2019. You can click the following to download them:

2019 AMC 8 CoverAlthough this year’s AMC 8 contest has been held on November 12, 2019, we must prepare in advance for the 2020 AMC 8. As the great scientist Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors only the prepared mind.” Those who strive to prepare early, and work hard are the ones who achieve the best results. The AMC is a complex math competition that requires dedication and focus. Therefore, the earlier our students start preparing, the better their scores will be. 

To help students prepare for the 2020 AMC 8 contest, we offer the following courses:




More details can be found at:

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