2019 AMC 8 Honor Roll and Distinguished Honor Roll Cut-off Scores

AMC 8-New
The Distinguished Honor Roll (Honor Roll of Distinction) (top 1%) level is 23 (compared to 19 last year).
The Honor Roll (top 5%) level is 19 (compared to 15 last year).
The Achievement Honor Roll (6th Grade and below) level is 15.


This year’s AMC 8 was easier than the last year’s AMC 8. Based on our intensive research and comparison of this year’s AMC 8 problem set  with the problem sets of the last 18 years from 1999 to 2018, we predicted that this year’s AMC 8 Honor Roll and Distinguished Honor Roll cut-off scores would be 19 and 22, respectively. Our prediction almost came true! For more details, please see:


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