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Summer is the Golden Time to Prepare for the SAT (PSAT) Test

Henry Wan, Ph.D.

SAT-Prep-Summer-ClassesIvy League Education Center SAT/PSAT Prep Summer Courses

60 Hours Lecture + 3 Free Full-length Mock Tests (Approximately 4 Hours Each) using the College Board’s Real SAT Tests on January 24, March 14,and May 2, 2015 + 30 Hours Homework Based on 72 Full-Length Past Real SAT exams

Most students improve by 350 to 700 points on the SAT!

Purpose: To prepare for the SAT on Saturday, October 3, November 7, or December 5, 2015, and the PSAT/NMSQT test on Wednesdays, Oct. 14, 2015 (recommended test date), and Oct. 28, 2015 (alternate test date).

Small-sized Class Teaching Model:

We utilize the highly effective small-sized class teaching model. For the class size, we will maintain a size of less than 10 students. Smaller classes lead to pupils receiving more individual attention from teachers, and having more active interactions with them. We focus on every individual, not the whole class. Students will thrive from the smaller class sizes that allow them to reach their full potential. Particularly, students can benefit tremendously from high-frequent individualized student-teacher interactions leading to establishment of a stronger foundation for lifelong learning.

Three Mock Tests:

We give 3 free full-length mock tests (approximately 4 hours each) using the College Board’s actual SAT test booklets on January 24, March 14, and May 2, 2015. Our mock test is exactly the same as the real test provided by the College Board/the Educational Testing Service. Based on the results of these tests, we provide students with individualized support.


This course is designed to help you improve your math, writing, and reading skills that are necessary to get a high score on the SAT/PSAT exam.

This class will consist of discussion of problems from all past SAT/PSAT exams (2005-2015) and official SAT practice tests as described in Table 1, as well as efficient strategies, tips, shortcuts, and tricks for taking the test. All these full-length past SATs/PSATs form our “big data” system. We have used data mining and predictive analytics to examine the types and the frequencies of questions in all these materials, and then completely “decode” the SAT. We will show all the “secret codes” cracked from the above big data to students. Using decoded tricks, strategies, and tactics for solving SAT math, critical reading, sentence completion, grammar, usage, and writing problems, we will help students totally grasp and “control” the SAT. They will be fully familiar with the test format and the types of questions they will see on the SAT test. For all questions on the recent real SATs, we have found their “ancestors” and “roots” from the old SAT problems. Therefore, the best way to prepare for the SAT test is to practice by solving old SAT problems. Much time of the course will be devoted to problems on the real SATs. This course will also include a discussion of the effective use of a graphing calculator to solve SAT math problems.

Our SAT courses provide live instruction, homework review, and customized recommendations based on practice test performance—all aimed at helping students score higher. Students spend two weeks working on the math, critical reading, and writing components of the SAT. Upon successful completion, students will possess the tools necessary to complete the SAT to the best of their ability.

Table 1: All the materials we collected from the College Board about the SAT/PSAT

Sources Real SATs


College Board:

Yearly Official SAT Practice Tests (2005-2014)

College Board’s The Official SAT Study Guide (1st/2nd/3rd Editions): Past actual SAT exams College Board’s The Official SAT Online Course: Official SAT Practice Tests Real PSATs


Number 72 10 16 10 32
Total 140

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Daily Homework (Must be completed each day)

Do 2 sets of real SAT Math Questions of difficulty level 4-5, 2 sets of real SAT Critical Reading Questions of difficulty level 4-5, and 2 sets of real SAT Grammar and Usage Questions of difficulty level 4-5. The best way to optimize your chances of a high score is to practice more and more difficult problems collected from the past real SAT exams.

Weekly Homework (Must be completed each week)

Do at least 3 entire sets of past SATs, under a time limit as if it were a real exam – such as in a mock test environment. Learn the official layout of the exam and force yourself to follow the strict time limitation of the test. This is a rigorous routine that will exhaust you on your first try. However, you will start to feel more and more comfortable with the test as you continue practicing.

We have to face the simple truth that to do well on this grueling test, we will need to practice. In fact, the best way to prepare for the SAT is to practice on real questions from the past SAT tests, and pay close attention to the style and tone of the tests. Just like it is for sports and music, the key to success for the SAT is repetition and practice.

We strongly believe in effort and the malleability of intelligence. Intelligence can be enhanced through effort. People can develop impressive levels of expertise through hard work and practice. Effort and persistence are the keys to success. Hard work always pays off. Practice makes perfect!

Our Students

Since 2011, our program has helped many students maximize their SAT scores and resulted in many acceptances from the Ivy League Colleges, MIT, Stanford, CalTech and most other top universities.

Read more: Notable Achievements of Our Students

You can contact Dr. Henry Wan by call at 301-922-9508 or by email at


1001 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

13902 Bromfield Road, Germantown, MD 20874

18206 Endora Cir, Germantown, MD 20841

Click the following articles to read more about our SAT Prep Program:

Chief English Instructor: Dr. William (Bill) Jiang

Dr. Bill Jiang received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Columbia University from Columbia University, his M.A. degree in Comparative Literature and his M.S. degree in Library and Information Science from Brown University, his M.A. degree in English Lexicography from Peking University, China, and his B.A. degree in English from Wuhan University, China. He has researched and personally done ALL Critical Reading and Writing Sections of all Official SAT practice and tests from the College Board since 2004. He has been an SAT Essay Reader — College Board for 10 years.

Dr. Jiang has formulated proprietary lecture notes with most effective proven strategies to tackle SAT questions with a tight set of formulated methods.  For the SAT Essay, he has developed his own exclusive formula in such a detailed manner that each paragraph will be based on a suggested formula that students can easily master and score 11 or 12 points out of the total 12 SAT essay points.

Dr. Jiang’s excellent services and college counseling have made big differences in many students’ educational experiences and college admissions. His students have been accepted to the top universities and colleges like Ivy leagues every year.

掌握核心词汇是攻克SAT Critical Reading的妙策


Critical Reading是SAT考试中公认的最难的部分。这一section由二部分组成:第一部分Passage-based reading有48道题,第二部分Sentence completions有19道题,共有67道题。其中Sentence completions全是词汇题目,占整个Critical Reading Section的40%,比例大,份量重。Passage-based reading考查范围广泛,内容涉及人文社会科学(文学、历史学、人类学、社会学、经济学)和自然科学(物理学、化学、天文学、地质学、生物学)等众多领域,学生须付出大量辛劳才能在这一部分获得较大提高。然而,Sentence completions部分完全可以在短期内突击,有针对性地背诵SAT重点词汇,即可大幅度攀升分数。sat-vocabulary-on-test-form

如果想在SAT Critical Reading Section获得高分,19道Sentence completions题最多只能错一个。对大多数好学生来说,总有那么两三题吃不准,搞不定。Sentence completions词汇填空题,从易到难,这个顺序是至关重要的。常见的情形是这样的:最后一题,五个选择中,有四个认识,其中一个似乎也合理,许多学生往往选择此答案。另一个选择,完全不认识,很多人惧怕选择陌生的答案;其实,绝大多数情形,这就是正确答案。答案必须是最好的,而不是似乎也行的。

我们通过与College Board的长期合作,收集了下列材料:(1)自从2005年3月SAT改版以来的72套SAT真题(即College Board以前使用过的SAT考题);(2)College Board的《The Official SAT Study Guide》第1版、第2版和第3版合计16套题目;(3)College Board的《The Official SAT Online Course》中的10套题目以及10套Official SAT Practice Test;(4)32套PSAT真题(与SAT真题来自同一题库)。在上述总计140套题目中共有2660道Sentence completions方面的题目,这些有关SAT的真材实料形成了我们的big data,如同黄金宝库的大数据在手,没人比我们更了解SAT。使用我们自己研制开发的text mining软件工具,对上述2660道题目的词汇进行统计聚类和系统解析,共探测出331个unique的词汇。再看College Board 2013年1月至2015年3月的SAT考题,词汇均在这331个当中,无一漏网。我们已将331个词汇汇编成了《The Best Vocabulary List for the SAT》,并且开班传授给学生。学生只要下点功夫,突击背诵这331个词汇,在SAT考试中正常发挥,就能一举顺利拿下19道Sentence completions题目,屡试不爽,百发百中。

71Nn7j-AXPL__SY300_为帮助广大学生考SAT,我们特开设春季SAT 提高班,训练学生掌握核心词汇是其中重要一环,上述《The Best Vocabulary List for the SAT》就是我们课程中关于Sentence completions的教材之一。我们通过长期的教学实践,积累了丰富的经验,取得了显著成果。仅仅就SAT Critical Reading而言,学生经过补习,平均成绩有大幅度提高,最多的提高了210分,在Critical Reading这样一个被公认为最困难的Section取得如此佳绩,非常可贵!在过去的三年中,经过我们培训的学生中,有32人SAT Critical Reading Section赢得满分800,我们的教学硕果累累,倍受广大学生及其家长的点赞。

我们的教学宗旨是:“小班教学,个别指导,因人施教,有的放矢,融会贯通,举一反三”。我们利用小型课堂教学模式,提供private (1对1)、semi-private (1对2或1对3) 和group (4-10个学生的小组) 三种类型的课程。

我们于2011年创立了常青藤教育中心(Ivy League Education Center,和Mathisfun训练中心,提供课后和周末学校强化计划(after-school and weekend school enrichment programs)给那些喜爱学术挑战的小学、初中和高中学生。我们在下列四大方面拥有长期而丰富的培训经验和激励学生获得成功的良策:

  1. 标准化考试辅导培训,例如PSAT/SAT/ACT/AP/GRE考试,私立初高中学校入学考试SSAT/ISEE,本地公立学校的G&T班和Magnet项目的入学考试,约翰•霍普金斯大学(JHU) CTY的Talent Search(天才少年搜寻项目)的School and College Ability Test (SCAT)。对于SAT以及SAT Subject Tests培训,我们是大华府地区唯一一家获得College Board批准,使用他们的SAT真题进行模拟考试和培训学生的机构,这是我们的独特而巨大的优势。
  2. K-12数学及英文课程辅导补习,按照年龄和年级分班,与Montgomery County Public Schools的教学内容无缝对接、进度完全合拍,辅导学生作业,确保学生认真完成所有作业、巩固所学知识,作为补习的副产品“——学生的学校功课得“A” 。例如,针对数学,我们精心设计了Mathematics Enrichment Program (Pre-algebra ==> Algebra I ==> Geometry ==> Algebra II ==> Trigonometry and Precalculus ==> AP Calculus), 帮助学生catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math.
  3. K-12数学及英文扩展提高项目(Extension and Promotion Program):数学主要围绕Discrete Math开设系列课程Logic ==> Set theory ==> Number theory ==> Combinatorics ==> Probability ==> Graph theory ==> Discrete geometry;英文集中在Critical reading, Grammar, Vocabulary和Writing四方面开展教学,最终与SAT考试对接。所有这些都是非常重要的科目,但是现在学校课程中没有的。
  4. 数学竞赛辅导与训练,包括小学、中学和高中三个级别多层次,例如像美国数学协会的AMC8/AMC10/AMC12/AIME/USAMO, Math Prize for Girls, MathCounts, ARML, MOEMS, USAMTS, Mathematical Kangaroo, Math League,以及Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT)等等。我们拥有美国数学协会资深高级数学教练执照证书,是大华府地区唯一的数学培训俱乐部和基地,负有为AMC培训和推荐优秀数学人才之责,并且我们拥有美国数学协会AMC授予的、为我们的学生免费注册参加AMC8、AMC10和AMC12竞赛的特权。我们近年培养的参加美国数学竞赛AMC 8的学生大多获得满分25,有37名学生参加AMC 10/12的数学竞赛过线,成为美国高中数学奥林匹克竞赛国家队的选拔对象,其中3名学生在USAMO (United States of America Mathematical Olympiad) 中优胜获得参加夏季国家队(MOSP)训练资格。多名学生因为数学竞赛成绩优异而被MIT和哈佛大学提前录取。

我们的培训充满正能量,非常接地气,一定让学生如虎添翼,旗开得胜!欢迎联系Pauline老师Henry博士,email为,电话为:(301) 922-9508.

投资孩子的教育是投资他们的未来,投资孩子的教育胜过其它任何的投资!欲知更多关于SAT的资讯,请看 我们发表的系列文章:

彻底掌握SAT考试中Critical Reading Section的题型和解题套路


SAT-CRCritical Reading是整个SAT考试中最难啃的硬骨头,然而,再难啃的骨头也能找到合适的“啃法”和诀窍去啃下来。其实说穿了,这一部分的正确答案必须是如下之一:(1)what the author stated;(2)what the author implied。但很多学生就栽在implication上面:他们常常分不清assumption和implication。例如,作者文中有这样一句话:”I wish I had a son!”基于这句话,有下列选择:(A)he has a daughter;(B)he likes sons more than daughters;(C)he has a dog;(D)his wife cannot have babies;(E)he does not have a son。正确的答案是(E),尽管这题目很简单,但是许多学生都出错。所以,学生需要在富有经验的老师指导下,进行有针对性的训练,彻底掌握Critical Reading的题型和解题套路,从而啃下Critical Reading这块硬骨头。

我们通过与College Board的长期合作,收集了下列材料:(1)自从2005年3月SAT改版以来的72套SAT真题(即College Board以前使用过的SAT考题);(2)College Board的《The Official SAT Study Guide》第1版、第2版和第3版合计16套题目;(3)College Board的《The Official SAT Online Course》中的10套题目以及10套Official SAT Practice Test;(4)32套PSAT真题(与SAT真题来自同一题库)。总计140套共有9380道Critical Reading方面的题目,这些有关SAT的真材实料形成了我们的大数据,让我们彻底“control”了SAT。使用我们自己研制开发的global text mining软件工具,对上述9380道题目进行了统计聚类和系统解析,分门别类归纳总结出了4大类题型共计39种题型,针对每一题型得出了“公式化”的解题“套路”。










我们特开设春季SAT 提高班来帮助广大学生考SAT,课程中包括训练学生掌握上述Critical Reading的39种有代表性的题型及其识别方法与解题的“公式化的套路”诀窍,深受学生们的喜爱,这样极大地提高了他们的Critical Reading部分的分数。我们通过长期的教学实践,积累了丰富的经验,取得了显著成果。仅仅就SAT Critical Reading而言,学生经过补习,平均成绩有大幅度提高,最多的提高了210分,十分难能可贵!在过去的三年中,经过我们培训的学生中,有32人获得SAT Critical Reading Section满分800的佳绩,受到广大学生及其家长的衷心点赞。

我们的教学宗旨是:“小班教学,个别指导,因人施教,有的放矢,融会贯通,举一反三”。我们利用小型课堂教学模式,提供private (1对1)、semi-private (1对2或1对3) 和group (4-10个学生的小组) 三种类型的课程。

我们的培训充满正能量,非常接地气,一定让学生如虎添翼,旗开得胜!欢迎联系Pauline老师Henry博士,email为,电话为:(301) 922-9508.

invest_education_image3投资孩子的教育是投资他们的未来,投资孩子的教育胜过其它任何的投资!欲知更多关于SAT的资讯,请看 我们发表的系列文章:

SAT Critical Reading部分获得满分800的秘诀



SAT考试中的Critical Reading对绝大多数学生来说,是最困难的部分,涉及大量单词,涵盖不同领域、不同体裁的形形式式、多种多样的文章,做题时间也不宽裕。我们通过与College Board的长期合作,收集了下列总计140套材料:(1)自从2005年3月SAT改版以来的72套SAT真题(即College Board以前使用过的SAT考题);(2)College Board的《The Official SAT Study Guide》第1版、第2版和第3版合计16套题目;(3)College Board的《The Official SAT Online Course》中的10套题目以及10套Official SAT Practice Test;(4)32套PSAT真题(与SAT真题来自同一题库)。针对其中的共计9380道Critical Reading方面的题目,我们采用计算机统计方法进行了系统研究和聚类分析,对批判性阅读部分归纳总结出下列分配规律:

  1. General Understanding: (1) Main Idea or Point, (2) Logical Development or Organization.
  2. Specific Understanding: (1) Specific Details, (2) Logical Details(细节中最为重要的东西,也是最需要我们在读文章时思考和掌握的细节).
  3. Evaluating: (1) Implication,(2)Further application,(3)Tone/attitude。

以上就是关于SAT考试中Critical Reading题目的分配规律,其中关于主题和内容以及细节方面的出题模式各有千秋,学生还必须读懂下面的六个问题:

  1. 读出what is the focus or what are the key points?
  2. 明白what is the passage about? Or what is the main idea?
  3. Can you separate the main ideas from supporting evidence and ideas?
  4. 读出what are the relationships between main idea and other ideas or evidence?
  5. 读出What words define relationships among ideas?
  6. Can you separate the author’s own altitude towards different ideas?


  1. 对旧观点、传统观点、大多数人的观点永远持负面态度,对有创新意义的新观点、新想法永远持正面态度,即喜新厌旧。所以,每当看到用old, many years ago, frequently, traditionally等词汇所限定的观点、事物时,学生立刻可断定作者是对此持负面态度的;而看到用new, recently, novel等词汇所限定的观点、事物时,学生马上可辨认作者是对此持正面态度的。
  2. 对于用政治倾向来评价文学作品的观点,作者一贯反对。
  3. 作者总是倾向于弱势群体,向来都是维护黑人、印第安人、妇女、儿童的权益,向来肯定女权主义者,并且总是认为妇女解放运动还不够彻底,力度还不够,女权主义者应该还能做得更好。
  4. 对某些特定理论,作者常常持有特定的态度:(1)对达尔文的进化论,一贯反对,所以只要出现生物进化论、环境适应性选择、趋同性等类似观点,作者一贯批评、挖苦、打击;(2)对马克思主义也是一贯持有负态度;(3)对弗洛伊德的理论也是持负态度的;(4)对生命自然科学类文章表现为科学技术的热切关注,对环境问题(温室效应、厄尔尼诺和汽车尾气等)非常关注并盼望解决;(5)对新观点、新生事物以正面评价为主,有时会提到缺陷,但不影响其正面肯定的态度。


为帮助广大学生考SAT,我们特开设SAT 提高班,包括Critical Reading和Writing,训练学生掌握我们归纳总结出的策略与技巧是其中的主要内容。我们通过长期的教学实践,积累了丰富的经验,取得了显著成果。仅仅就SAT Critical Reading而言,学生经过补习,平均成绩有大幅度提高,最多的提高了210分,十分难能可贵!在过去的三年中,经过我们培训的学生中,有32人获得SAT Critical Reading Section满分800的佳绩,受到广大学生及其家长的点赞。

我们的培训充满正能量,非常接地气,一定让学生如虎添翼,旗开得胜!欢迎联系Pauline老师Henry博士,email为,电话为:(301) 922-9508.

投资孩子的教育是投资他们的未来,投资孩子的教育胜过其它任何的投资!欲知更多关于SAT的资讯,请看 我们发表的系列文章:

强大的阅读能力是攻克SAT Critical Reading的关键




怎样衡量一个人的阅读能力?阅读能力不仅仅是阅读量的多寡和阅读速度的快慢,也不只是你记忆了多少内容, “过目不忘”不能用来代表你的阅读能力。评估阅读能力,应该评估阅读过程中三个方面的能力,即获取信息、理解信息和思考及判断的能力。        阅读能力建立在大量阅读的基础上,赢得SAT阅读高分的关键是阅读量。SAT的应试技巧当然有用,能够短期提高分数。但要真正提高SAT阅读分数,取得高分乃至满分,还是要靠长期的积累和沉淀。SAT阅读部份是最花费时间和精力的,夺取高分的关键就是阅读量。我建议学生从6-7年级开始,每月坚持阅读2-3本书,然后写一篇读书报告。这样阅读量和词汇量自然水涨船高。同时,阅读是训练逻辑思维和推理能力的最好方式。因此大量阅读的人,思维敏捷,理解能力强,做起SAT题目来也是速度快而且正确率高。我辅导的赢得SAT高分的学生,大部份都是从小爱好阅读,主动阅读的孩子。

我们专门细致研究和分析了SAT的阅读材料的选材。我们通过与College Board的长期合作,收集了下列材料:(1)自从2005年3月SAT改版以来的72套SAT真题(即College Board以前使用过的SAT考题);(2)College Board的《The Official SAT Study Guide》第1版、第2版和第3版合计16套题目;(3)College Board的《The Official SAT Online Course》中的10套题目以及10套Official SAT Practice Test;(4)32套PSAT真题(与SAT真题来自同一题库)。我们收集了总计140套共有9380道Critical Reading方面的题目,清晰地解析出了这些9380道题目的来龙去脉。我们发现SAT 阅读所涉及的文章中52%选自经典小说著作,如查尔斯•狄更斯(Charles Dickens)的《远大前程》,《简•爱》的作者夏洛蒂•勃朗特(Charlotte Bronte)的《雪莉》,还有福克纳(William Faulkner)的《八月之光》等等。SAT还考过一次塞缪尔•巴特勒(Samuel Butler)的作品、两次英国小说家简•奥斯汀(Jane Austen)的作品和两次马克•吐温(Mark Twain)的小说。另外还有一些美国现代小说经常在SAT中出现。

SAT 阅读所涉及的文章中另有48%来自非虚构类作品,包括自然科学和人文科学。涵盖面很广,有科学探索、心理学、社会评论、历史、艺术等等。这些文章来自一些著名的报刊杂志、传记、纪实资料等。经常有SAT考题出没的又《纽约时报》、《华尔街日报》、《时代周刊》、《今日美国》、《纽约客》、《国家地理》、《科学》、《美国学者》、《科学美国人》、《发现》、《经济学人》、《大西洋月刊》和《自然》等。




我们的培训非常接地气,一定让学生如虎添翼,旗开得胜!欢迎联系U.S. Ivy League Education Center的 Pauline老师或Henry博士,email为,电话为:(301) 922-9508.

Investing-in-Education投资孩子的教育是投资他们的未来,投资孩子的教育胜过其它任何的投资!欲知更多关于SAT的资讯,请看 我们发表的系列文章::

短期攻克SAT Critical Reading的绝招


SAT是申请美国大学必须参加的考试,阅读是其中最难的部分。SAT 阅读使得众多学生头痛不已,根本原因就在于考查范围广,考查内容涉及人文社会科学(文学、历史学、人类学、社会学)和自然科学(物理学、化学、天文学、地质学、生物学)等领域,学生需要花费精力进行大量阅读。然而,人的精力毕竟有限,在较短时间内读几十本高难度的专业书籍,显然对大多数学生来说是不现实的。绝少数优秀学生可以获得高分,是因为他们在平时阅读中涉猎广泛,不仅仅是泛读,而且还有精读。但对大多数英文水平一般的junior和senior学生而言,在百忙之中“读书破万卷”谈何容易?势必另辟蹊径,方能柳暗花明、事半功倍。

我们通过与College Board的长期合作,收集了下列材料:(1)自从2005年3月SAT改版以来的72套SAT真题(即College Board以前使用过的SAT考题);(2)College Board的《The Official SAT Study Guide》第1版、第2版和第3版合计16套题目;(3)College Board的《The Official SAT Online Course》中的10套题目以及10套Official SAT Practice Test;(4)32套PSAT真题(与SAT真题来自同一题库)。总计140套共有9380道Critical Reading方面的题目,这些有关SAT的真材实料形成了我们的big data,如同黄金宝库的大数据在手,无人比我们更了解SAT。我们通过对这些9380道题目的统计聚类和系统解析,把最常考的背景知识和文章体裁分成了25类,编辑成了《SAT Critical Reading Materials》,并且开班传授给学生。学生只需4-6周,便能轻松地跟随我们,穿越古今中外,跨越时空,去外太空揽胜,去海底探索鲸鱼,去远古追寻人类文明起源,去现代探寻艺术创作的真谛,去和斯坦福的教授探讨真相和记忆被扭曲的真实原因。我们和马克吐温在火炉边畅谈密西西比河上的生活,和霍桑探寻《红字》后面的人性真谛,和海明威品味异乡孤独的漂泊。更重要的是,可站在SAT阅读的制高点上。

SAT 阅读的文章之难处之一,就是让学生感觉突然“没头没尾” 孤零零地出现一段文字,不知道上下文的大背景和来龙去脉,但是要硬着头皮立刻“管中窥豹”进入状态,不仅要理解文章的真实意思,还要“善解人意”揣摩作者的态度和意图。这种“切片”式的文章就好比在万花筒中抽取一个切面,让读者迅速理解和分析。与其临渊羡鱼,不如提前做好准备,把SAT 的常考的问题、作者、背景知识强化理解搞清楚。这就好比奥运之前长跑选手要高原集训,历代侠客要上山修炼多年才可以下山一样。

我们精心编辑的《SAT Critical Reaching Materials》中的每一篇文章都是选自上述College Board的9380道题真题及其外延,并附有作者和背景介绍,会让学生“恍然大悟”,加深对文字的理解。曾经沧海难为水,除却巫山不是云。一经掌握《SAT Critical Reaching Materials》,学生必然横刀立马,一览众山小!在真正的SAT考试中,面对critical reading题目中的各种文章时,都有似曾相识的感觉,犹如瓮中捉鳖,手到擒来。

为帮助广大学生考SAT,我们特开设春季SAT 提高班,训练学生进行批判性阅读是其中重要一环,上述《SAT Critical Reaching Materials》就是我们课程中阅读部分的教材。另一方面,我们基于上述9380道题目的系统解析归纳出39种有代表性的题型及其识别方法与解题的“套路”诀窍,深受学生们的喜爱,这样极大地提高了他们的Critical Reading的分数。我们通过长期的教学实践,积累了丰富的经验,取得了十分显著的成果。仅仅就SAT Critical Reading而言,学生经过补习,平均成绩有大幅度提高,最多的提高了210分,十分难能可贵!在过去的三年中,经过我们培训的学生中,有32人获得SAT Critical Reading Section满分800的佳绩。我们的教学宗旨是:“小班教学,个别指导,因人施教,有的放矢,融会贯通,举一反三”。我们利用小型课堂教学模式,提供private (1对1)、semi-private (1对2或1对3) 和group (4-10个学生的小组) 三种类型的课程。

为有SAT多壮志,敢叫分数换新天!我们的培训非常接地气,一定让学生如虎添翼,旗开得胜!欢迎联系U.S. Ivy League Education Center的 Pauline老师或Henry博士,email为,电话为:(301) 922-9508.

            投资孩子的教育是投资他们的未来,投资孩子的教育胜过其它任何的投资!欲知更多关于SAT的资讯,请看 我们发表的系列文章:

SAT考试中Critical Reading Section赢得高分的三大锦囊妙计


  1. 一切答案来源于文章


掌握了这个原则,学生在解答SAT考试的Critical Reading部分时,就会成功大半了,然而绝大多数学生都会受到自己生活经历和自己的思维判断的影响,这就要求大家在备考的时候,更加注重这方面的单独练习,集中攻破了。

很多来自TJHSST和马里兰的Blair Richard Montgomery 以及Poolesville 三所高中Magnet Program的优秀学生没有掌握上述解题窍门,在SAT考试中Critical Reading Section任凭自己的主观推断和想象,跟着感觉走,丢了很多分,殊为可惜。

  1. 对文章充满好奇,饶有兴趣地进行阅读答题



  1. 遇到较难句子或段落,如果和题目无关,不要重复阅读。


SAT阅读长难句是影响很多考生找到答案的最大障碍,但是学生一定要记得一个原则,就是我们读文章的目的是为了找到答案,而不是为了分析长难句。悠悠万事,唯此为大 ,一切为了找答案。当然,如果通过分析可以得到正确答案,那就另当别论。

为帮助广大学生考SAT,我们特开设春季SAT 提高班,训练学生进行批判性阅读是其中重要一环。我们通过与College Board的长期合作,收集了下列材料:(1)自从2005年3月SAT改版以来的72套SAT真题(即College Board以前使用过的SAT考题);(2)College Board的《The Official SAT Study Guide》第1版、第2版和第3版合计16套题目;(3)College Board的《The Official SAT Online Course》中的10套题目以及10套Official SAT Practice Test;(4)32套PSAT真题(与SAT真题来自同一题库)。总计140套共有9380道Critical Reading方面的题目。我们通过对这些9380道题目的系统解析归纳出39种有代表性的题型及其识别方法与解题的“套路”诀窍,深受学生们的喜爱,这样极大地提高了他们的Critical Reading的分数。我们通过长期的教学实践,积累了丰富的经验,取得了显著成果。仅仅就SAT Critical Reading而言,学生经过补习,平均成绩有大幅度提高,最多的提高了210分,十分难能可贵!在过去的三年中,经过我们培训的学生中,有32人获得SAT Critical Reading Section满分800的佳绩。

我们的培训一定让学生如虎添翼,马到成功,旗开得胜!欢迎联系U.S. Ivy League Education Center的 Pauline老师或Henry博士,email为,电话为:(301) 922-9508.

            投资孩子的教育是投资他们的未来,投资孩子的教育胜过其它任何的投资!欲知更多关于SAT的资讯,请看 我们发表的系列文章:

You Are Welcome to Attend Our Mock SAT Tests

mock-testTaking our mock SAT test is a stress-free (and free) way to find your strengths and weaknesses on the SAT. We will help you prepare for the SAT by administering a practice SAT test. We have 17 full-length recent real SAT booklets (including the experimental sections) arranged into mini practice tests, as described in Table 1. We have a long history of close collaboration with the College Board and the Educational Testing Service. We are only one in the Washington DC metropolitan area having a contract with the College Board to use all real questions from the past SAT tests in our SAT Prep program. Our students have gained great benefits from the program and received top scores on the SAT. Actually, we have accumulated 72 full-length real SAT booklets from College Board. For more details, see the article entitled “72 Full-length Real SATs are a Golden Resource to Our SAT Prep Program.” Based on our statistical data analysis, the correlation coefficient between this year’s SAT questions and the last two years’ SAT questions is as high as 0.96. Therefore, we will use the 17 SAT booklets (as shown in Table 1) from the past two years to evaluate our students’ abilities.

Table 1: List of full-length recent real SATs we have collected from College Board

Year Month Form Codes
2013 January AEJA, BWJA
2013 January International AEWZ, BWWZ
2013 May AEJC, BWJC
2013 May International MFDC
2013 May Sunday JUFH
2013 October AEJE, BWJE
2013 October International AEWV, BWWV
2014 January AEKA, BWKA
2014 January International AEXZ, BWXZ
2014 May International AEXX, BWXX, CFXX
2014 May Sunday HUIB
2014 June NFCZ
2014 October AEKE, BWKE
2014 October International AEXV, BWXV
2015 January DEWN, EWWN
2015 January International DEJM, EWJM
Total 17 full-length recent real SATs

Our mock test is exactly the same as the real test that provided by College Board/Educational Testing Service. We will provide a detailed score report within 3 days after the test date, which is similar to the College Board’s Question-and-Answer Service. This includes a booklet copy of the mock test with a table of correct answers and scoring information. For each question, we will also provide information about the type of question, level of difficulty, what your answer was, and whether it was correct, incorrect, or omitted. This gives you the opportunity to analyze your mistakes in further detail. In addition, we can give you explanations to the questions you get wrong so that you can learn from your mistakes. Nearing your real SAT test day, we will take the average of the last three mock SAT tests you have taken. Based on our experience, this score will be almost the same as your real SAT score; the error will be within a 10 point range.

Completing full practice tests is a great way for students to get the feel of the test and track their progress. Sometimes, though, a student will come to our next tutoring session with the test partially completed, or not done under ideal circumstances. This ends up partly wasting the student’s time, since we cannot get an accurate idea of where he’s at with the test. Which begs the question: what should it look like when students do practice tests for homework?

If possible, we always encourage students to take proctored tests offered some Saturday mornings at Ivy League Education Center. It takes approximately 4 hours. We’ll tell students what to do and when, just like the day of the test. This takes the guesswork out of the equation and gives accurate results. Plus, students get their tutoring homework done in one morning. This is a win-win situation!

But if it is not possible to come in for a proctored test, students should take the test at home in an environment that resembles the testing environment as closely as possible. What should this look like?

  1. NO DISTRACTIONS! This is so important. Most high schoolers treat their phones like extra appendages. You cannot use phones during the SAT, so do not have them out while you are taking a practice test. You can use your phone as a timer, but make sure to put it across the room.
  2. Do the whole test in one sitting. Yes, this is hard, and yes, it will take about four hours. Yes, we know you have sports and theater and hours of homework to do. But test day is a marathon, not a sprint. Many of students can get great scores, if they could split up the test over three days. Do not be one of those people! The SAT is partly testing your ability to focus and think for several hours straight, so you need to practice that. No shortcuts here!
  3. Time it like the actual test. Follow the timing directions at the top of each section, and set a timer to go off when time is up. Stop writing when you hear the timer, and do not fill in more answers.
  4. Go in order. Do not do all the math sections at once, or all the reading and writing sections together. Complete sections in the order they’re presented in the test.
  5. Take the test when you’re feeling rested. Weekend mornings are a great time to take practice tests because the test itself is given on a Saturday morning. Regardless of what day you choose to complete the practice test, do not start it at 9 pm on a Thursday night after you finished all your other homework. Practice tests completed at 1 am never end well.
  6. Parents, help create a good environment. Make sure your son or daughter has a cleaned-off place to sit and can complete the test without distractions. Do not interrupt them to talk or ask questions. Encourage them to do the test in one sitting, and provide positive reinforcement when they are finished.

Completing several practice tests under testing conditions is one of the best predictors we at Ivy League Education Center have found for a student’s eventual score improvement. Implementing the advice above is sure to help you have a great test day when the SAT in May/June finally rolls around.

MockExamIconContact Information:

Henry Wan, Ph.D.

Senior Instructor in Math

Senior Math Coach Certified by Mathematical Association of America

Tel:  301-922-9508

Ivy League Education Center


1001 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

13902 Bromfield Road, Germantown, MD 20874

18206 Endora Cir, Germantown, MD 20841

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The Importance of SAT Practice Tests

SAT practice tests are helping students to boost their actual test scores. Sat practice tests are the perfect way to prepare yourself for the actual test.

We consistently recommend that students beginning preparation for the SAT exam start by taking a full-length mock exam. Here’s why we believe it’s an important first step, as well as a useful tool throughout the prep cycle :

  1. Full-length practice tests offer a baseline score from which our consultants and staff can help students create a customized, efficient study plan.

The scores from these tests help us understand students’ strengths and weaknesses. The patterns that emerge tell us the areas that need improvement and the areas in which they already have a strong base. This way, we are able to create a more effective plan by focusing on areas of improvement that will raise a student’s score, rather than going over material the student already knows.

  1. Full-length practice tests cover more than content and strategy.

While students may have a strong understanding of the exam content and successfully apply their knowledge to prep questions during tutoring sessions, practice tests give them an opportunity to use their test-taking skills under the “real” conditions of the exam. Our mock exam sessions simulate the real conditions present in an official SAT or ACT exam so that students can build up their test-taking skills. They are held in a room with other students and a proctor, and are structured with the same time limits and breaks as the official exam.

  1. Full-length practice tests gauge progress.

Practice exams build students’ focus and confidence for the official exam. They also give students a chance to test what they have learned during their prep sessions. Ideally students will take a practice test before they begin a prep program to get a baseline score so they can use the program efficiently, then again during the middle of the program for a check-in, and finally again at the end of the program as a final practice for the official exam. These regular check-ins help us best adapt and modify the prep program to meet students’ needs.

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