The Importance of SAT Practice Tests

SAT practice tests are helping students to boost their actual test scores. Sat practice tests are the perfect way to prepare yourself for the actual test.

We consistently recommend that students beginning preparation for the SAT exam start by taking a full-length mock exam. Here’s why we believe it’s an important first step, as well as a useful tool throughout the prep cycle :

  1. Full-length practice tests offer a baseline score from which our consultants and staff can help students create a customized, efficient study plan.

The scores from these tests help us understand students’ strengths and weaknesses. The patterns that emerge tell us the areas that need improvement and the areas in which they already have a strong base. This way, we are able to create a more effective plan by focusing on areas of improvement that will raise a student’s score, rather than going over material the student already knows.

  1. Full-length practice tests cover more than content and strategy.

While students may have a strong understanding of the exam content and successfully apply their knowledge to prep questions during tutoring sessions, practice tests give them an opportunity to use their test-taking skills under the “real” conditions of the exam. Our mock exam sessions simulate the real conditions present in an official SAT or ACT exam so that students can build up their test-taking skills. They are held in a room with other students and a proctor, and are structured with the same time limits and breaks as the official exam.

  1. Full-length practice tests gauge progress.

Practice exams build students’ focus and confidence for the official exam. They also give students a chance to test what they have learned during their prep sessions. Ideally students will take a practice test before they begin a prep program to get a baseline score so they can use the program efficiently, then again during the middle of the program for a check-in, and finally again at the end of the program as a final practice for the official exam. These regular check-ins help us best adapt and modify the prep program to meet students’ needs.

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