14 Sets of Previous Real AJHSME (AMC 8) Tests with Answer Keys

The American Junior High School Mathematics Examination (AJHSME) for students in grades 8 and below, begun in 1985, was the predecessor of the AMC 8, administered by the American Mathematics Competitions. Since 1999, the name has been changed into the American Mathematics Contest 8 (AMC 8).

https___cdn_evbuc_com_images_23502174_94898100017_1_original.gifAll problems from past AJHSME exams (1985-1998) and AMC 8 (1999–2016) form our “big data” system. We used data/text mining and predictive analytics to examine the types, styles, frequencies, and characteristics of questions in all these materials, and then completely “decoded” the AMC 8. For all questions on the recent AMC 8 contests, we can find their “ancestors” and “roots” from the old AMC problems. Therefore, the best way to prepare for the AMC 8 is to practice by solving old AMC problems!

We provided 14 sets of previous real AJHSME tests (1985-1999) with answer keys and also developed 20 sets of AMC 8 mock test with detailed solutions to help students prepare for the AMC 8 contest.

All past official AMC 8 problems (1999-2016) can be found at:


AMC 8-New





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