35 Sets of Past Real AMC 12 Tests with Answer Keys (PDF files)

AMC 12-New
All problems from past AMC 12 (2000–2017) form our “big data” system. Based on  artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning, we devised a data mining and predictive analytics tool for math problem similarity searching. Using this powerful tool, we examined the types, styles, frequencies, characteristics, and traits of questions in all past AMC 12 exams, and then completely “decoded” the AMC 12.

For all questions on the recent AMC 12 contests, we can find their “ancestors” and “roots” from the old AMC 12 problems. Therefore, the best way to prepare for the AMC 12 is to practice by solving old AMC 12 problems!

We provided 35 sets of past real AMC 12 tests (2000-2017) with answer keys and also developed 20 sets of AMC 12 mock test with detailed solutions to help students prepare for the AMC 12 contest.

AMC 12-2017

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4 responses to “35 Sets of Past Real AMC 12 Tests with Answer Keys (PDF files)

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  2. Can I get pdf files of AMC 10,12 problems


  3. I love mathematics challenge
    AMC is a good quizzer


  4. AMC is the best


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