2017 AMC 8 Problems and Answers


The AMC 8 was administered from November 14, 2017 until November 21, 2017. According to the AMC policy, students, teachers, and coaches were not allowed to discuss the contest questions and solutions until after the end of the competition window, so we are only now able to post the 2017 AMC 8 Problems and Answers. You can click the following to download them:


This year’s AMC 8 was more difficult than the last year’s AMC 8. Some hard problems were even AMC 10 level. For example, Problem 23 and Problem 24 on the 2017 AMC 8 are two typical AMC 10 hard problems.

Problem 23 is involved in detecting a sequence of four factors of 60 that forms an arithmetic progression with a common difference of 5.

2017 AMC 8 Problem 23

Problem 24 is equivalent to finding the number of integers among the first 365 positive integers that are not divisible by 3, 4, or 5. We should use the principle of inclusion and exclusion (for 3 sets) to solve this problem.

2017 AMC 8 Problem 24

We predict that this year’s AMC 8 Honor Roll and Distinguished Honor Roll cut-off scores will be: 17 and 20, respectively. Read more at: AMC 8 Historical Results from 2010 to 2016


Because the AMC 8 problems are getting harder, we must practice not only previous AMC 8 problems but also easy, medium, and even high difficulty level problems from previous AMC 10 to do well on the AMC 8.



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AMC 8-Student





AMC 8-New




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