Head Instructor: Paulina Lee

Paulina Lee earned a Bachelor of Arts (with Honors) in English Literature from the University of Cambridge, and a Master of Education (Ed.M.) degree from Teachers College of Columbia University. She, as a college entrance exam expert, has served over 20 years in education. She has been a private tutor, and has also volunteered her talents in high school college planning offices. Along with her professional experience she combines a thorough knowledge of the SAT and ACT. She maintains a private practice for the Critical Reading and Written portions of the SAT as well as the English, Reading, and Essay portions of the ACT.

As a long-term SAT instructor/tutor, she has extensively studied the SAT tests to find patterns and shortcuts to efficiently solve problems. She has also been an SAT Essay Reader and provides students with a detailed essay template designed to get them a double-digit essay score.

At the invitation of Mr. Michael Yu, the Founder, Board Chairman, and CEO of the New Oriental Education & Technology Group (the largest comprehensive educational company in China), Mrs. Lee joined the New Oriental as a Chief English Teaching Officer in 2004. She developed and ran an SAT preparation program at the New Oriental, which was the first one in China, designed to provide instruction and develop effective strategies needed for students to excel on the SAT.

Mrs. Lee moved back to USA at the beginning of 2011 to create the Ivy League Education Center with Dr. Henry Wan, which provides after-school and weekend school enrichment programs for talented elementary, middle, and high school students who enjoy academic challenges. They use  Small-sized Class Instruction Focused Model to offer private (1-on-1), semi-private (1-on-2 or 1-on-3), and small-group (4-10 students) lessons.

Mrs. Lee has continued tutoring because she loves seeing a student reach that “aha” moment when they’ve solved some problem they’d been having trouble with. She believes tutoring, like all types of learning, is a medium for growth and self-improvement, which leads to a boost in confidence. This is especially great for adolescents and teenagers. She loves private tutoring because she’s able to give each student exactly what he/she needs – skipping the material they’re strong on, and finding multiple ways to explain what it is they’re having trouble with.

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