Isabella Z. Competes in International Girls’ Math Olympiad

Israel takes home four medals in mathematics competition

Our student Isabella Z. will compete in the European Girls’ Math Olympiad (EGMO), an international math competition, which will be held in Hungary between April 9th and 15th, for school-aged female mathematicians. Isabella is one of just four girls to represent the United States as part of the U.S. EGMO Team.

Isabella qualified for the U.S. EGMO Team with her performance on the Team Selection Test Selection Test (TSTST), a series of tests administered to the top 15 girls in the United States. The top four, one of whom was Isabella, qualified for the U.S. EGMO Team.

Congratulations to Isabella, and best of luck in the competition!

European Girls Mathematical Olympiad

The European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) is the highest profile girls-only international mathematics competition. It follows the same structure as the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO), with two 4.5 hour papers taken on consecutive days, each with 3 problems requiring mathematical proofs. Participating countries send teams consisting of four female mathematicians of school age.



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