Congratulations to Isabella Z. for Winning the Akamai AMC 12B Award


Our student Isabella Z. has been named one of the five Akamai AMC 12B Prize winners for her excellent performance on the 2022 Mathematical Association of America American Mathematics Competitions (MAA AMC) twelfth-grade competition. Isabella achieved a very high score of 141 out of 150 on the AMC 12B, higher than any other female participant in the United States.

Warmest congratulations to Isabella for achieving such a huge honor! The competition was especially fierce this year, so her accomplishments are even much more impressive.

The Akamai AMC 12 B  Awards and Certificates honor top-performing girls on the AMC 12 B. The top five scores split a monetary award of $5000 and the top five scores from each MAA section receive a Certificate of Excellence.

Find more information about MAA’s Awards & Certificates Program for Young Women in Mathematics at: Akamai AMC 12 B Awards & Certificates




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