2015 Summer – Weekend SAT/PSAT/ACT Prep

summerSATclass_2014This is a comprehensive SAT prep course that teaches you everything you need to know to increase your score significantly: vocab, sentence completion, reading comprehension, essay writing, grammar, and math. Instructors use the class time to explain and demonstrate the our powerful SAT test techniques and strategies that have been getting students perfect SAT scores for the last 10 years. The bulk of your practice will be done as homework.

Math Instructor: Dr. Henry Wan

English Instructors: Dr. William (Bill) Jiang, and Mrs. Pauline Ko

6 Weekends (Time: 2:00 – 5:00 pm):

  1. 6/27, 6/28
  2. 7/11, 7/12 (Quarterly Mock Test/Review)
  3. 7/18, 7/19
  4. 7/25, 7/26 (Quarterly Mock Test/Review)
  5. 8/1, 8/2
  6. 8/8,   8/9 (Final Mock Exam/Review)

Tuition: $1080 (including all materials, such as 21 full-length College Board’s recent real SATs, 12 math packets, 12 essay assignments, 12 reading packets, 12 grammar packets)


Our approach is different from that of other tutoring centers, such as Kaplan, C2 Education, and Princeton Review. Those tutoring centers use an approach that we find inefficient: for a 3-hour session, a student would take one and a half hours to complete the critical reading/math/writing problems and the teacher would take one and a half hours to discuss the student’s work and the test-taking strategies. Our tutoring model is very unique. We ask that all students complete all the required problems at home, and then email their work to us before come to the class. We will carefully review and check the students’ work. Based on their work, we can detect what are the student’s specific weaknesses and use those problems in class to teach the students all the tricks, shortcuts, strategies, and tactics for taking the test. The entire two hours are used for instructional teaching only. We firmly believe that learning is extremely important, and that a student should not waste time doing problems with our supervision if they can do those problems at home. So our 3-hour session is equivalent to a regular 6-hour session, and thus our hourly rate is less than twice that of other tutoring centers.

Weekly Homework

Part 1: Do at least 3 entire sets of past SATs, under a time limit as if it were a real exam – such as in a mock test environment. Learn the official layout of the exam and force yourself to follow the strict time limitation of the test. It is a rigorous routine that will exhaust you on your first try. As you continue, though, you will start to feel more and more comfortable with the test.

Part 2: Do 3 sets of real SAT Math Questions of difficulty level 4-5, 3 sets of real SAT Critical Reading Questions of difficulty level 4-5, and 3 sets of real SAT Grammar and Usage Questions of difficulty level 4-5. The best way to optimize your chances of a high score is to practice more and more difficult problems collected from the past real SAT exams.

Read more:

Small-sized Classes

At Ivy League Education Center, we do believe that smaller classes mean better classes. Unlike most other major test prep companies, whose classes average between 15 and 30 students, we typically have class sizes of 4-10 students. Larger classes are staffed with an additional instructor to ensure the student-teacher ratio is never great than 5:1. By keeping our classes small, we can guarantee more personal interaction between student and instructors. This ensures that our instructors can better meet their students’ individual learning needs.satprep

Better Analytics

We believe better diagnostics are essential to score improvement. Accurately assessing their progress helps students pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and gives them a roadmap for studying for the SAT.

Because we take care to diagnose our students’ particular problems, our instructors can provide lessons tailored to the individual needs of their students. Our accurate and frequent assessments help us keep track of student progress and see where each student needs help.

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Best Materials

We have sourced together the best SAT materials available on the market, but most importantly, sourced from the test maker — the College Board. Unlike other companies, we don’t just rely on a single proprietary source. Instead, we research and combine the best explanatory texts and strategies.

We also believe that students should practice on real SAT tests, and so we provide our students with a copy of the latest tests. Read more: 72 Full-length Real SATs are a Golden Resource to Our SAT Prep Program

 Adaptive Curriculum

Ivy League Education Center has developed a comprehensive and effective curriculum to meet the needs of SAT test takers. Our teachers are flexible: they don’t just read from a script but adjust the curriculum to meet the personal needs of their students. This means class time doesn’t get wasted, and it turns our classrooms into engaging and dynamic learning environments.


1001 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

13902 Bromfield Road, Germantown, MD 20874

18206 Endora Cir, Germantown, MD 20841

Contact Information:

Ivy League Education Center

Tel:  301-922-9508     or        240-780-8828

Email:  chiefmathtutor@gmail.com

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